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Lee Pomeranc has debt collection experience across various industries ranging from the sole trader through to large multi-national companies. Every debt is different and each case needs to be considered on its merits. A tailor made approach and tactics appropriate to the particular type of debt is applied to collect your money as quickly as possible.

As you are instructing a firm of solicitors and not simply a debt collection company, your debtor will know you mean business.

We endeavour to collect your debt without recourse to legal proceedings through letters before action, telephone calls to the debtor, negotiation and where necessary issuing a statutory demand which can be the first step in either bankruptcy proceedings or liquidation proceedings depending on whether the debtor is an individual or a company.

We try to avoid having to issue legal proceedings however, this is not always possible. We have extensive experience in litigation. However, it is always the last resort and legal proceedings will never be issued without having first discussed with you the merits of the case and the likelihood that litigation will bring a successful outcome. Furthermore, legal proceedings are not issued unless you specifically instruct us to commence the same.

We appreciate that clients do not want to expend unnecessary legal fees in collecting their debt and therefore offer a “no collection, no fee” service for all cases up to the stage where legal proceedings may be necessary. The “no collection, no fee” service allows you to employ the services of a solicitor without any exposure to expensive legal costs. In particular we will not ask for any upfront fees.


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