The view that we take of litigation is that it is not something that should be entered into lightly by our clients. Litigation is expensive and stressful. We will always give our clients our honest view as to the likelihood of achieving a successful outcome to a dispute. We will always consider with our clients all the possible options of resolving a dispute, whether it be through negotiation or mediation.

If negotiation or mediation has failed or considered inappropriate and our client instructs us to litigate then we will pursue such litigation determinedly and vigorously. ┬áIf we are instructed to litigate then we want to win – that is, of course, the point of litigation. However the issue of winning is never straightforward. Winning is often achieving the best commercial result for our client taking into account a number of varied and complex factors. We appreciate that litigation is not an end in itself but simply a means to an end and as such we will continually review with our client the progress of litigation to ensure that it is achieving the aims that the client has set.

Our experience in litigation is extremely wide. In terms of property litigation we have over the years dealt with claims for arrears of rent, arrears of service charge, dilapidations, commercial lease renewals, forfeiture, tenant insolvency and rent review disputes. Michael Lee who heads up the litigation department is a member of the Property Lawyers Association.

We also undertake a wide range of general commercial litigation with a particular emphasis on insolvency proceedings including winding up proceedings and bankruptcy proceedings.


Michael Lee
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